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About this project

This project aims to leverage TWC’ engineering and existing UI, and navigation structure. Create co-branded experiences contain differentiated features or services, as well as unique benefits for Samsung users. I worked as the project lead and UX designer, and my teammate included a junior designer, a product manager and business development manager.

Our team was responsible for two major functionalities

Made for Samsung theme:
- Weather icon
- Background theme

Made for Samsung exclusive features:
- TWC watch face
- Edge panel (Edge model)
- Floating shortcut (Non-edge model)
- Smart Weather alarm with Milk music integration

Right away, we noticed that the challenge for us was to identify the visual language to align with Samsung and TWC. We started to collect a lot of weather icon examples, created mood boards to review with management teams and creative teams from both ends. We received a lot of directions and guidance to start the initial first steps.

TWC as the undisputed accuracy leader, confirming the trust of more than 250 million people who choose TWC for weather information every month.

Research shows about a quarter of people check weather right when they wake up, so an alarm is a natural fit for people on the go as they start their day and are looking for the information to help them make weather-related decisions with confidence.

We created an all-new Smart Weather alarm clock – a forecast-triggered alarm clock that knows when weather will most affect users and gives them more time to get where they’re going.

The Weather Channel for Samsung set the benchmark for Made for Samsung program. Top downloaded and top revenue application from the Galaxy Apps Store for the first 6 months. Smart weather alarm and floating shortcut maintained average 38% usage at all times.
Made for Samsung theme
Weather icon exploration
Outline version
Filled version
Background theme exploration
We were trying to avoid blue sky and stock photos. We hired a professional photographer to focus on creating atmospheres based on the weather conditions theme.
The background theme exploration leads to team up with Southern street folk artist Kyle Brooks to give a brightly colored look at weather through the eyes of an artist who “paints the world happy”. Images were photographed using the Samsung’s devices. -
TWC watch face
Privide current conditions, forecasts for the next few hours, humidity, pollen, and UV index.
Edge panel
Offer precise alerts and warnings, forecasts for the next few hours, humidity, pollen, and UV index or breaking news.
Floating shortcuts
Offer users home screen shortcuts with direct access to the most important weather information to them, such as current conditions, hourly or daily forecasts, radar, local video, share features and alarm.
Smart Weather alarm
A forecast-triggered alarm clock, users can decide to wake up by: Alarm tone, Milk music or The Morning Show.