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About this project

FIH decided to develop a compact mobile alternative for young children (5-9 years old). Leverage Foxconn manufacturing infrastructures and parts inventory. Our team was tasked to create the entire product from scratch. From device hardware to software, and companion mobile applications for iOS and Android.

I worked as the project lead and product designer focused on wearable, and my teammate included another UX designer handled the mobile applications, and a producer responsible on competitive analysis and internal communications.


At first this project seems like mission impossible. We reached out to external engineering team and hardware team to secured the understanding and support. Identified OS platform as Android Open Source Project and hardware platform as Qualcomm 8909. We worked together to define the form factor, case dimensions, display type, buttons and materials.

While the external teams focused on the product specifications. The challenge for my team was to prepared a competitive analysis, to learn more about wearables for children. We identified 12 devices on the market for hardware specs and software features evaluation. We conducted usability research by using competitor devices. We collected users and carriers feedback to help us make decisions with confidence.

Navigation structure – aligned with Android fundamentals.
Touch target sizes – focused on finger-friendly design.
Basic gestures – several gestures to interact with the watch.

Side button – only one button required to achieve all tasks.

Smartphones may be the norm for consumers in the West, but that is very much not the case for the rest of the world. Not everyone can afford a full-featured phone especially for young children in Asia.

We also recognized that most families with working parents in Asia. The idea is to offer parents peace of mind about where their kids are plus the ability to call them when needed, as well as a simple communications device for children who may be too young to have a full-featured phone of their own.

Sales regions
- Taiwan
- Hong Kong
- China
- Japan
- Singapore
- Malaysia
- Indonesia

Ensuring a cohesive experience tailored to children. We only focused communications and tasks on the wearable. GPS tracking and settings on the companion mobile application.
Notification board
Watch face
App: Contacts
Quick settings
App: Alarm
App: Messages