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About this project

This is a partnership project for both Samsung and BMW. The goal was to help BMW to leverage Samsung platforms & technology. We were tasked to design the mobile: edge panel and wearable: watch face, widget, application.

I collaborated with Samsung HQ in Korea, BMW HQ in Munich, BMW R&D in Mountain View and BMW development in Chicago. I worked as the project lead and UX designer. My teammates included a product manager and business development manager.

The project started 9+ months ahead before the products launches. While the project was focused to highlight the new features of Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Samsung Gear S3. The most significant part of the process, design the experiences before the design principles and guidelines finalized. On top of the current business and technical limitations as well.

We made a few insights based on our observations and discussions with BMW group. These insights helped steer the direction of our final design.

BMW has turned 100 year anniversary in 2016. BMW would like to redefine the entire journey to “Ultimate Driver” – through digital intelligence.

Security and privacy are the top priority for BMW groups. Samsung platform – edge panel team implemented press and hold gesture and a module for fingerprint/password.

Additional entry points from edge panel and wearable, improved usage, discovery and access to BMW application. Enhanced and extended the out-of-vehicle experience.
Mobile: Edge panel
By default, edge panel is enabled on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, S7 edge, and Note 7. It allows users to access and check information or to control task from any screen (Locked screen, home screen, and application screen) at any time without having to open applications.
Wireframe + Thumb-friendly

We worked with BMW product, design, and development teams to define the features and requirements. The placement of the features were based on the thumb-friendly zone. Here are some of the most common questions during the discussion:

- Where did I park
- Did I lock the doors
- Did I close the windows
- Do I have enough gas
- Any gas stations nearby

Gesture + Visual feedback
To prevent users from accidentally triggering the control task. Press and hold gesture required.
3A. Users can swipe through from one panel to another panel. For the security and privacy issues, fingerprint/password required only when users interact on BMW content.
Wearable: Watch face, widget, application
Information displayed on the wearable device should be concise and informative, offering bite-sized updates that show users the most important details at a glance.
Home structure: Users can horizontally swipe to the left or right from the watch face, or rotate the bezel clockwise or counterclockwise to access the widget board or the notification board. The apps screen can be accessed by pressing the side button.
Notification board: Digital intelligence – Leveraging knowledge of mobile device usage, vehicle data, and sensors to provide the information and functionality users need right now.
Watch face
Widget board
BMW App: Option 1
BMW App: Option 2
BMW App: Gas station results + More options UI
BMW App: Popups UI